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Monster MarketinG

Full Service Mobile Digital Marketing


1 day-$1835

3 days-$2975

1 week-$4995

4 hrs.-$995

The Monster Marketing team works with clients to specifically plan; customize a campaign to ensure that their business gain the attention it needs with the highest number of potential customers in their own unique target markets. With the use of a variety of other creative advertising methods. Monster Marketing can compliment the use of our mobile billboard ads for maximum impact your current advertising.

Powerful Options!

With Monster’s custom super-trucks you can draw awe-inspired crowds at events and get your ads across clear. 

We’ve Got You Covered

Brand Design & Strategy

Monster’s Custom Super-Trucks draw awe-inspired crowds at events.

Visible Digital Ads

With our super-bright LED screens they are sure to be visible from over 200m away..even in bright daylight!

Leave BIG Impressions

Vehciles availabile for custom wraps. Largest truck measures a monstrous 27 X 8 ft

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